Lifepath Generator


  • Clothes: Jumpsuits   Hairstyle: Tinted   Affectations: Earrings
  • Ethnic Origins: Chinese/Southeast Asian

Family Background

  • Family Ranking: Crime Lord
  • Parents: Both parents are living.
  • Family Status: You family was scattered to the winds due to misfortune.
  • Childhood Environment: On a Corporate controlled Farm or Research Facility.
  • Siblings: You have 4 siblings:
    • Sibling 1: Younger sister. Sibling dislikes you.
    • Sibling 2: Younger brother. Sibling hero woships you.
    • Sibling 3: Younger sister. Sibling neutral towards you.
    • Sibling 4: Younger sister. Sibling neutral towards you.


  • Personality Traits: Intellectual and detached
  • Person You Most Value: Teacher or Mentor
  • What Do You Value Most: Friendship
  • How Do You Feel About Most People: Every person is a valuable individual.
  • Your Most Valued Posession: A tool.

Life Events

  • Age 16: Arrested and Not Convicted (3 Weeks in Jail)
  • Age 17: Romantic Involvement: - Who? Techie - How did you meet them? Met Through Common Interest - How did it work out? Happy Love Affair. - Mutual Feelings? You Still Love Each Other
  • Age 18: Nothing noteworthy happend that year.
  • Age 19: Nothing noteworthy happend that year.
  • Age 20: Addiction; INT, REF, BODY, or EMP Reduced by 1
  • Age 21: Unplanned Pregnancy! Deal With It, Choomba.