Lifepath Generator


  • Clothes: Nude   Hairstyle: Long & Ratty   Affectations: Nose Rings
  • Ethnic Origins: Hispanic American

Family Background

  • Family Ranking: Gang Family
  • Parents: You never knew your parent(s).
  • Family Status: Family lost everything through betrayal.
  • Childhood Environment: Spent on the street with no adult supervision.
  • Siblings: You have 1 siblings:
    • Sibling 1: Older sister. Sibling hero woships you.


  • Personality Traits: Silly and fluffheaded
  • Person You Most Value: No One
  • What Do You Value Most: Honour
  • How Do You Feel About Most People: I hate almost everyone.
  • Your Most Valued Posession: A photograph.

Life Events

  • Age 16: Nothing noteworthy happend that year.
  • Age 17: Romantic Involvement -
  • Age 18: Nothing noteworthy happend that year.
  • Age 19: False Accusation: You were set up (Theft). What Are You Going to Do About It? Get what's rightfully yours.
  • Age 20: Romantic Involvement - Happy love affair.
  • Age 21: Romantic Involvement - Tragic Love Affair. Lover imprisoned or exiled.
  • Age 22: Financial Windfall - 900eb
  • Age 23: Financial Windfall - 300eb