Lifepath Generator


  • Clothes: Bag Lady Chic   Hairstyle: Neat & Short   Affectations: Spiked Gloves
  • Ethnic Origins: Japanese/Korean

Family Background

  • Family Ranking: Corporate Technician
  • Parents: Both parents are living.
  • Family Status: Family is involved in a long term conspiracy, organization or association, such as a crime family or revolutionary group.
  • Childhood Environment: In a large Arcology city.
  • Siblings: You have 1 siblings:
    • Sibling 1: Younger brother. Sibling neutral towards you.


  • Personality Traits: Picky, fussy, and nervous
  • Person You Most Value: Yourself
  • What Do You Value Most: Knowledge
  • How Do You Feel About Most People: I like almost everyone.
  • Your Most Valued Posession: A weapon.

Life Events

  • Age 16: Illness or addiction: You have contracted either an illness or drug habit in this time. Lost 1 REF permanently as a result. What Are You Going to Do About It? Hunt down those responsible and make them pay!
  • Age 17: Make an Friend: Like a big brother/sister to you.