Mission Hooks - Ideas

Below are 10 random mission hooks, simply refresh the page to get more.

  1. You must infiltrate an upscale night club in order to transfer money to your account.

  2. You must infiltrate a 24-hour holo-news network's headquarters in order to take down a cyborg pretending to be the president.

  3. You must infiltrate a medical office performing illegal augmentations in order to perform an act of terrorism.

  4. You must infiltrate your own safehouse in order to crash the world economy.

  5. You must infiltrate an extremely primitive, early version of cyberspace in order to take everyone in the building hostage.

  6. You must infiltrate a virtual recreation of the battle of okinawa in order to eliminate someone who knows too much about you.

  7. You must infiltrate a chinese superprison in beijing in order to erase your identities.

  8. You must infiltrate a roving submarine in order to uncover your mysterious past.

  9. You must infiltrate the presidential mansion in order to find out what's really going on.

  10. You must infiltrate an experimental hologram universe in order to find out what's really going on.