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Ability Score Increase: STR+2
Height: 5 ft 10 in + 2d8 in
Weight: 160 lbs + (1d4 * 1d6)
Speed: 30 ft
Darkvision: 60 ft
SubRaces: Winged, Tailed, Scaled, Breath
Source Book: HB (Home Brew)

"For the last time! I am a dracon, not a dragonborn! Dragonborn do not have wings! I am the result of a union between a gold and silver dragon, plus a rather nasty curse. Want to hear about it?"

Oren, renowned scholar also known as Harix and Kosjoth

Thousands of years ago, a human warlock released a curse on all dragons in revenge for her son's death. The innate magic of dragons lessened the curse, which is believed to have been intended to kill unhatched dragon eggs, but even that couldn't completely stop it. Most dragon eggs are unaffected by the curse, but rarely, one will hatch and reveal a humanoid. It is unknown as to why this would be. The resulting creatures believed themselves both dragons and not, and took the name 'dracon' for their race. Life for dracons is difficult, but they survive and thrive despite this. Two dragons can rarely have a dracon hatch from a clutch. Dracons almost always have a clutch of dracons, though rarely a dragon might hatch from their clutch.

Physical Description

Dracons appear similar to dragonborn, though many possess tails, wings, or stronger scales. Their scale color corresponded to the color of one of their parents. In fact, those without tails or wings are often mistaken for dragonborn.


Dracons, like their draconic ancestors, are solitary creatures. They rarely form small villages, but most live alone in the wilderness. A few have been known to live in non-dracon villages or even towns, but they only venture to cities if they have business and almost never stay longer then they have to.

Dracon Names

Dracons usually have three names. One in Draconic and only used with a draconic creature (including dragons). One is in either common or draconic, usually common, and is used with any other race. The third is a childhood nickname. Usually some trait about them when they were younger, nicknames are in either language. After adulthood, nicknames are only used as a term of endearment by family and lovers, and as an insult by anyone else, even friends.

Male Draconic: Harix, Orgex, Valignat(Burn), Zibek

Female Draconic: Alinst, Aurix(Gold), Igress, Regis

Male Common: Bedel, Menen, Oren, Teliv

Female Common: Alina, Ciress, Nelim, Tevoon

Nicknames: Biter, Kosjoth(Smalltooth), Valiant, Woari(Wanderer)

Dracon Traits

Ability Score Increase. Strength +2

Age. Dracons reach adulthood at age 101, but it is unknown how long they can live. Believed to have the same maximum age as a dragon's maximum age, the oldest known dracon is 3,584 years old and respected by dracons and dragons alike.

Alignment. Alignment usually corresponds with scale color, like a normal dragon, though it is possible for a dracon to take a different alignment.

Size. Dracons average 6-7' in height ad 180-230 lbs. in weight. Your size is Medium.

Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet. Other movement types are covered by subrace

Dragon. You are of the Dragon creature type.

Draconic Ancestry. Choose a dragon species. Your scale color and draconic resistance are determined by the species you choose.

Draconic Resistance. You are resistant to the type of damage corresponding to your dragon ancestor: Fire-Gold,Red; Lightning-Bronze,Blue; Poison-Brass,Green; Cold-Silver,White; Acid-Copper,Black

Darkvision. You can see dim light as if it was bright light if it is within 60 ft of you. You can also see in darkness as if it was dim light up to 60 ft away, though you cannot see color in darkness, only shades of grey.

Keen Senses. You have Blindsight up to 5 ft per level. Other creatures have disadvantage in Stealth checks against you.

Claws. You have natural claws that you are proficient with. They are natural slashing weapons that do 1d6 slashing damage and have the Light and Finesse properties.

Languages. You can read, write, and speak Common and Draconic

Subrace. Winged, Tailed, Scaled, and Breath Dracon

Winged Dracon

Dracons who hatched with wings. They are lighter than others and have hollow bones, though it is unknown why.

Ability Score Increase. Dexterity +1, Constitution -1

Wings. You have a pair of wings. Your fly speed is 30 feet. Your wingspan is twice your height. You cannot use your wings if you are in an area that is too small for your wingspan, or if you are wearing armour, clothes, or a backpack not specially tailored for your wings. Attacks from behind you will damage your wings. You cannot fly with damaged wings. You may negate fall damage as long as you can partially (halfway) extend your wings.

Hollow Bones. You have hollow bones. When determining weight, decrease the result by 50 lbs. You are vulnerable to bludgeoning damage.

Tailed Dracons

Some dracons hatched with a tail. They are usually heavier than other dracons.

Ability Score Increase. Strength +1, Dexterity -1

Tail. You have a tail that is a natural weapon that you are proficient with. Your tail is a natural weapon that does 1d8 bludgeoning damage in a 120 degree arc behind you. Creatures you hit must make a Strength saving throw with a DC equal to your Strength score or be knocked prone.

Extra Mass. Your tail gives you more mass. When determining weight, increase the result be 20 lbs. You get -1 to all Dexterity saving throws.

Scaled Dracon

Your scales are harder than a normal dracon or dragonborn's scales.

Ability Score Increase. Constitution +1, Dexterity -1

Dragon Scales. Regardless if you are wearing armour or not, your scales increase your base AC by 5.

Uncomfortable Armour. You find it uncomfortable to wear most armours. You cannot be proficient with any armour except leather and shields.

Breath Dracons

Some dracons show no outward sign of their abilities until they start using a breath weapon.

Ability Score Increase. Constitution +1, Strength -1

Breath Weapon. You possess a breath weapon that corresponds to your draconic ancestor. When using your breath weapon, creatures in your breath must make a Dexterity saving throw against a DC that is 8+your Con mod+your proficiency bonus. If they succeed, they take half damage, if they fail, they take full damage. Your breath weapon does 2d6 damage of the same type as your resistance damage type. This increase to 3d6 at level 6, 4d6 at level 11, 5d6 at level 16 and 6d6 at level 19.

Ravenous. You require twice the food and water per day than normal (you eat two days worth of rations of food per day and drink two days worth of water per day).