The University of Sanbra's Guide to Xenobiology


"There's something alive in here!"
"That’s your imagination."

- Luke Skywalker and Han Solo in the Death Stars’ Garbage Masher (Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope)

Sometimes the heroes of any Star Wars adventure face opponents unconcerned with good or evil, let alone the supremacy of the light- or dark-sides of the Force and are simply trying to survive in a hostile galaxy.

There are many creatures in the Star Wars galaxy and while some of them have been tamed and used for the benefit of their respective societies, others are living engines of destruction that must be destroyed (or used for the entertainment of other, less scrupulous beings in gladiatorial events).

This is a fan-made supplement for the Star Wars Roleplaying Game: Saga Edition, containing a series of creatures designed by members of the Wizards of the Coast in the Star Wars forums.

Table of Contents