Lifepath Generator


  • Clothes: Cammos   Hairstyle: Short & Curly   Affectations: Fingerless Gloves
  • Ethnic Origins: Black American

Family Background

  • Family Ranking: Corporate Executive
  • Parents: Both parents are living.
  • Family Status: Family is imprisoned and you alone escaped.
  • Childhood Environment: In an aquatic Pirate Pack.
  • Siblings: You have 1 siblings:
    • Sibling 1: Older sister. Sibling hero woships you.


  • Personality Traits: Stable and serious
  • Person You Most Value: Lover
  • What Do You Value Most: Honesty
  • How Do You Feel About Most People: People are wonderful.
  • Your Most Valued Posession: A letter.

Life Events

  • Age 16: Romantic Involvement -
  • Age 17: Hunted by the Law: You are hunted by the law for crimes you may or may not have committed (your cho1ce). The state police or militia want you. What Are You Going to Do About It? Hunt down those responsible and make them pay!
  • Age 18: Imprisonment: You have been in prison, or possibly held hostage (your choice). 8 month(s). What Are You Going to Do About It? Save, if possible, anyone else involved in the situation.
  • Age 19: Make a Friend on the Police Force. You may use him for inside information at a level of +2 Streetwise on any police related situation.
  • Age 20: Romantic Involvement - Love Affair With Problems.
    • Your lover's friends/family would use any means to get rid of you.
    • Mutual Feelings - They still love you.