Mustang Arms Close-Control 20
Price: 350 eb
Type: SHT
Weapon Accuracy: -1
Concealability: N
Availability: P
Ammunition: 20 Gauge
Damage: 3D6
Number of Shots: 15
Rate of Fire: 2
Reliability: ST
Manufacturer: Mustang Arms

This utilitarian shotgun comes from the Night City-based firm Mustang Arms. Composed of lightweight composite materials, the C-C 20 is designed as a reliable antipersonnel weapon which won`t devastate an enclosed area. The Close-Control 20 is a semiauto 20-Gauge bullpup, loading buckshot slugs, anti-riot baton rounds, or flechette shells. Its clear plastic box magazine holds 15 rounds, and the entire weapon is only 66cm in length.